Employment Law

Employment Law & Wage Disputes

Many workers feel like they are at the mercy of their employer when it comes to compensation. They may not have a say in their rate of pay or in the hours they work. Things can be especially difficult, though, when a company does not honor agreements and commitments to its workers. If you have been unjustly treated or taken advantage of by your employer, the Neill Law Firm may be able to help you.

Employees have strong rights when it comes to receiving their wages after performing work for their employers. When an employer fails to pay an employee, the employee can make a legal claim for breach of contract and equitable restitution. More importantly, the employee can make a claim under the South Carolina Payment of Wages Act. The Wages Act provides that unless the employer can show that there was a bona fide dispute over the wages, the employee can recover three times the amount of his or her unpaid wages plus attorney’s fees.

Not only are businesses and corporations responsible for unpaid wages, agents or officers of a corporation who knowingly permit their corporation to violate the Payment of Wages Act may be individually liable to the employee for the amounts owed. So, even if a company goes out of business, the employee may be able to recover the unpaid wages directly from someone else in the company.

We represent employees and businesses in litigation claims involving:
• wage and hour issues, including being forced to work off of the clock
• covenants not to compete and restrictive covenants,
• employment agreements,
• discrimination/Title VII claims,
• violations of the South Carolina Wage Payment Act or failure to pay wages when due.

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